• Q:Shipment and payment:

    Shipment: FOB, CIF, LCL

    We accept following way of payment:

    30%deposit, 70% BL at sign

    100% LC



    Any more questions please contact us through email:sales@jinyuranju.com

  • Q:Where can we use butane gas stove ?

    Any well ventilation area like:


    -indoor(keep your window open)




  • Q:What kinds of certificates do you have?

    We have full line of certificates for different regions and countries.

    -AGA for Australia

    -CE for Europe

    -CSA for American region

    -BSCI for the chain super market

    -ISO9001 for national

  • Q:Feature of JINYU gas stove?

    1. High temperature resistant material, corrosion resistant, safe and durable.

    2. Simple operation
    3. 2.1-2.5kw high firepower, easy to cooking various dish.
    4. Aluminum cap burner

    5.Light black case

    6. Anti slip of grill plate and cookware from unique design of pan supporters.

    7.Multi color option

  • Q:Failure of ignition

    1.Out of gas in the gas canister, replace by new gas canister

    2. The overpressure device had cut off the gas inlet to prevent further exploration because of excessive abnormal high pressure.

    Resolution: turn the knob to the “off”position, pull down the level, and try to ignite again.

    3. Ignition pin covered with grease, please clean it and try again.

  • Q:What gas is filled in the gas cylinder? Is it harmless to the human body?

    The gas cylinder is filled with pure butane liquefied gas, which is safe for human body. However, if excessive inhalation may cause hypoxia, please be careful not to inhale.

  • Q:Can customer use gas canister under other brands ?

    Only use certified butane gas canister for JINYU stove. Impurity gas canister may bring damage of the stove and cause further accident.

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