Thinking of macarons, its girl color immediately came to mind~

    It has low saturation but is full of clarity. I don’t know how many girls have been shaken. In 2016, Pantone also released a color card about macarons.

    Think about when you enter the kitchen, full of macarons color kitchen utensils, as if you have entered the creative workshop and playground, in a good mood to fly! (The food that must be made in a good mood must also be delicious)


Bring color into the kitchen

The value of the decision determines the number of times the chef cooks

Let you turn into a fairy cook in a second

    Jinyu's new cassette furnace is a visual crit, with a unique shape and a well-defined silhouette. The low saturation color of the macaron is very eye-catching. Like me, "middle-aged girl", there aren't a few macarons in the house that can't live! The girl is also elegant, it makes people feel gentle in a second~


    Low-key and full of texture, the parts are also polished very well. Holding the color of macaron in the hand is also full of young girls, fresh and refined. Since I cooked with this type of stove, I feel very good~

    Are you still immersed in the black and white world? It is time to say goodbye to muji, IKEA's sexual cold wind, try to use the Jinyu Macaron color card furnace to create new tricks!

 Good looking and easy to use cassette furnace

Lightweight and convenient

Give you a reason to cook


    As the saying goes, cooking is not good, first look at the ingredients, second look at the mood, third look at the pot. There are ingredients and moods, and there is a set of good-looking and easy-to-use card furnaces.


    I thought it was just a good-looking embroidered pillow. I didn't expect the strength of the Jinyu cassette furnace to be quite good! A bottle of 250g butane gas can last up to 2 hours and 50 minutes!

Jinyu cassette furnace

    The firepower can be automatically adjusted according to the ingredients, so that the fire is under control!

    Compared with the ordinary card-type furnace in the market, the importance of this type of stove is much lighter. The fried chicken is suitable for the little fairies to cook!

    Presumably, for many years, I didn’t have a bad cooking experience, but I didn’t have a beautiful and easy-to-use Jinyu cassette furnace!

    A set of pink and pink macarons Jinyu card furnace can add to the mood of cooking, and happiness is not a little bit better! ~

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