There are many ways to eat dumpling skin.
The remaining dumpling skin at home with dumplings can be made:
Scallion cake, spring cake, noodles, etc.
Not screaming
This time, Jin Yu takes everyone to unlock the new skills of dumpling skin.
Dumplings pizza!
It’s a self-sufficiency. If you want to eat it, you will add it~
No need to frown on the outside number of pizzas, there are a few shrimps, a few pieces of bacon have wood!
Dumplings, skin, pizza
Dumplings/butter (or edible oil)
Ketchup / Onion / Bacon / Red Pepper
Mozzarella cheese broken / black pepper broken
1. Cut the red pepper into a circle, chop the onion, and slice the bacon.
2. Open the fire in the Jinyu cassette furnace, heat the pan with a little oil (smear), and spread the dumplings in the pan.
3. Apply a proper amount of tomato sauce to the dumplings.
4. Sprinkle with chopped onions and a little black pepper, and place a red peppercorns and bacon.
5. Sprinkle a layer of mozzarella cheese evenly, you can scatter a little more; along the side of the pot, pour about 30ml of water under the dumpling skin.
6. Cover the lid and adjust the Jinyu cassette to a small heat for 10-15 minutes until the water in the pot is drained, and the sound of “吱吱” sounds, turn off the fire, uncover the lid, and sprinkle with a little black pepper. Can be loaded.
A variety of ingredients ingredients to take care of!
Really super delicious ~ highly recommended for everyone!
Jinyu Cartridge BDZ-155-A
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